After completing the new motor driver board, now I feel ready to continue with the development of this bot..

For now it´s just remote controlled, but it will have some intelligence soon.
I will try to add microphones and use them as sound sensors. If I add for example 4 microphones, one on each side of the bot I could detect where does the sound come from and make it move in that direction, then add a couple of distance sensors to avoid obstacles..

My living room seems to be too small to drive this bot..

see it on MAKE :]

Farrusco RC

I wanted to keep working with the XBee modules, and I thought it would be cool to control Farrusco.

So, first I used 2 potenciometers and assigned one to each motor.. and then I used a nunchuck controller.
Both require a learning curve and it’s only after a while that you start to feel the touch  :]

This is the code I´m using to control the robot with the Nunchuck

Serial Comunication between Arduinos – With Wire & Wireless

— please check an updated code sample on the following post —


I´ve created this example to make two Arduinos talk in a simple and clear fashion.
You will see below an example with wires, and another one without wires.

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