Lourenço was happy with his life, until his father lost his job. Than big changes started to occur and Lourenço got to handle a lot of reponsabilities, but the best thing you do, is go check the movie yourself  ;)

Oh! And don’t forget to participate on the challenge “Declama Para a Tua Dama”.


Paulo Sousa

Paulo Sousa asked me if I could give a new life to his website.  And for me that was a great proposal because I love sitar and everything related with the oriental culture.
He gave me all the creative freedom and I enjoyed the design process a lot.
Please take a time and visit his awesome work as a sitar player.
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While working at DesignSete as a Flash Developer, I´ve made a couple of great websites.
This one is my most recent actionscript work, and I´m very proud of it.
It was a great challenge due to its complexity and lots of design patterns. All the content is dynamically loaded through XML files.
Thank you Carina and Pedro for a great design!  :]

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Reiki a Luz do Universo

I´ve made this website for Elisa Fernandes, a Reiki therapist.
I particularly enjoyed the process of creation of this site because Elisa gave me total creative freedom, and here’s what I came up with… she loved it!
Enjoy it and give yourself a gift, take some time for a Reiki session!
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