el sapatero

OddBot is going to China, and he created several packs with robotics stuff and came up with a great creative challenge wich is to create a video with the keyword FUN. One of the extra points was to build something with paper, wood, and cheap materials, no techy thing here, the main purpose was to spend a great time creating a cool video to make others laugh. The other extra point was to build a PCB with non PCB materials like, paper, card, or any other thing, I’m so happy to know that paperduino was one of the inspiration to this competition.

“el sapatero” came with this great challenge in mind, and I wanted to build something really nonsense.. and started to play with stuff I have, and my wife appear with this silly boots made out of recycled card. This card boots(?) are used inside shoes to keep their original shape and I knew in that precise moment that I have to use them! :)

and the video for the challenge: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/8630

This was the first layout. I thought that I could build some kind of a walker… but I was wrong :D

This is a motor plug made with polymorph..

Polymorph plugged into the motor and with a plastic bit.. (can’t explain this in english)  lol

The polymorph structure was shaped in a way that gives fully support to the card boots.

This is the circuit, I wanted to try other non conventional PCB materials, and this time I tried with acrylic. I kinda like it.. its different…  but not an easy task..  I don’t know how many hours I spent with this..

It was a great disapointment when I saw that only the body spins.. and the boots remained still.

So I have to create another polymorph structure to give some traction to the entire system.

1st test drive

And the final result  :)

I used hotglue to reinforce the card. And this makes a cool accoustic sound coming from the boots  :)

And another quick testdrive :)