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Hi! I’m Guilherme Martins, I‘ve been always fascinated by tech, but being an artsy guy, I had my first jobs in graphic work and later in webdesign, this was back in 2000. After a couple of years, I specialized in video scenarios for big screens that were displayed in operas, theatre performances and music bands. I even developed my own Video Manager entitled EinsteinVideoPlayer, and it has its own repository on Artica’s github.

Later I discovered arduinos and I started to create my own circuit boards for my robotic experiments.

Robotics started as a simple hobby but with time it started to get more serious with time.

After a couple of years, I was lecturing Creative Robotics workshops and demos for kids, teenagers, teachers and parents.

I co-funded Artica Creative Computing with my friend André Almeida back in 2011. Today we count dozens of interactive installations for many different contexts: Advertising Campaigns, Museums and Exhibitions, Street Interventions and Art Festivals. You might want to check our more significant work at Artica.cc

It was about a year ago that I started to develop a MIDI sequencer just for fun, for my sonic experiments. It scaled, from 8 steps, went to 16, until reached 64 steps. From one single MIDI channel, scaled to 8 channels, and I am aiming to be able to control 16 independent channels.

Through this process, there were several iterations, and I had to rebuild the hardware sequencer every time, which became a struggle.

I had the idea of building a modular system, that allowed me to display a physical interface the way I want, with flexibility and without compromising.

So I learnt to design PCB’s, to order PCB’s from China, to fix errors in PCB’s, this was (and still is) a whole new fantastic world for me. Instead of chaotic soldering and wire patching mess, I have now clean and simple printed circuit boards.

After a year of development, Artica Instruments is born, it is the result of years of research and development building custom physical interfaces for physical computing.

Feel free to drop me a line at: guilhermemanuel77 gmail com

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Guilherme Martins
    My name is Jennifer, I work for LCSC Electronics. I have noticed that you followed our Youtube.
    And then I just followed this clue to know you more and more.
    Lucky me, I think we might have some chance to work together.
    I am interested in working with you, would like to know if you think the same.
    Please let me know, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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