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When I was young I was crazy with pencils, brushes, pens and papers, and I was always drawing. I stopped after entered the adult age when I discovered digital tools and mixed media, much later I discovered programming languages, electronics, robotics and interaction paradigms.

From 2004 to 2010, my visual(video) creations have been used in dance, opera, theatre and live performances. In the past I’ve also worked as a visual designer for several internationally renowned agencies, such as Ogilvy Interactive and YDreams.

Music and sound has always been part of my life, although I am not a musician I love to compose, mess with harmonics, sounds, rhythms, frequencies and modulations.

In 2011, co-founded ArticaCC with André Almeida, together we blend art and technology in the search of unique products, services, and user experiences.

email me at: guilhermemanuel77 gmail com

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