Robotic articulation prototype with Arduino

This is the result of a couple of tests with recently arrived microservos + Arduino programming + polymorph shaping technics + recently build G’Remote :-)

I don´t have any specific application in mind for this, the main purpose is to learn and test new concepts of mechatronic articulations, and to get used to polymoprh of what I became a big fan.

(sorry for the low light condition video, will make a better one)

Campus Party 2008

Ibero American Countries gather to diffuse digital boundaries, and to avoid digital exclusion.

Astronomy, Robotics, Innovation, Creativity, Modding and Digital Pleasure were the main areas where participants could share their knowledge and experience.

I went into the Robotics area, all the participants were very nice, I´ve met lots of interesting people from ibero-american countries. And there were really amazing Robotics projects!

One big thanks goes to Leonel Moura, he was the one who sent me the link to this event, and another big thanks to Alejandro for inviting me.

I will return to Portugal on Sunday, with a nice felling of hope for a better and unified world.
It was a great event!

22 robots, called skybot were built by the participants, one robot for each country and the final result was really amazing! Congratulations to all the participants! It has been a pleasure!

Robots can make this world a better world !!!    :]