POP UP LX 09 – Vox Pop from popupcity on Vimeo.

POPUP is an Urban Art event realized by Hugo Israel, there will be installations, performances, sculptures, live music, illustrations and many other cool things. If you are near Lisbon you got to mark this spot on your agenda.

I am participating with Bruno Canas on two interactive video instalations. Will have more details soon ;)

untitled circuits #1

“untitled circuits” is a series of experimental circuits based on paper and other materials.
I’m working on this project with Catarina Mota (openmaterials.org), and this will be our final project for the course “O Som do Pensamento”

#1 is a copper wire circuit on a paper support that generates sound in real time based on six LDR sensors.

The brain is a paperduino and we are using the Auduino from Tinker

untitled circuits #1 from Guilherme Martins on Vimeo.


This was my final project at Restart in the course Digital Art and New Media.
It is an Immersive Sound Installation where the visitor is invited to interact with a cube and to use it to experience sound.

The sounds are a fusion between recorded samples of native and ritual sounds and songs (Didgeridoo´s, Djambes, Shamanic rituals, Portuguese Traditional Songs from Miranda do Douro) and real time sounds generated by software synthesizers created in MAX-MSP.

By touching the cube faces the visitor changes sound tracks and enables / disables sound effects. In real time a projection is created and returns a reference of the sounds being played, at the same time that the visitor´s hand position is analyzed beyond the cube thus changing equalization and triggering more sound effects. The cube color and the projection color change when new sounds are triggered.

Special thanks to Pedro Pestana, André Sier, André Gonçalves and to all my classmates  ;)

Video and more photos soon

2 Arduinos Diecimila