Meet the new family members

May I introduce you to the new family members: Farrusco v2.5, and Farrusco Junior.

Farrusco v2 is the new generation of my first robot Farrusco.
The F2 was created with Filipe Valpereiro from, and this was the robot used for the last robotics workshops season.

The F2.5 version has a cleaner design, we are using two modified servos to work as DC motors as you can see in this tutorial, the motor driver is an ardumoto, and soon I will upload more photos with new addons.

Farrusco Junior is another iteration, he has two modified servos and a small chassis. The modified servos operate as normal servos but they rotate 360º continuously, and you can learn howto hack them watching this video tutorial (in portuguese).
This robot is still a work in progress, and I will upload new pics soon.

All the components were sponsored by

Arduino Sound Sensor

Finally I have some time to continue with this investigation and great improvements were achieved with the circuit provided by Ant:

First here are the photos deleted by mistake from flickr:

Headsets microphones

Electrec thingey inside.

The circuit

This is a closeup of the circuit, I´ve added a 10uF capacitor to stabilize the output signal (it´s the green cap on the right).

The problem here is that I can´t imagine myself soldering all this components onto a pcb, I would like to have at least two of these, four would be awesome.

Click the following button to see source code for Arduino and Processing

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Robot Fácil com Arduino – 1ª Parte



Aqui vai a tradução à muito esperada deste tutorial, espero que vos seja útil.

Decidi remover a Ponte-H, o motor agora está directamente ligado às pilhas AA e o Arduino é alimentado por uma pilha de 9V. Este pequeno robot apenas anda em frente (para já).

Na 2ª parte vou adiccionar a Ponte-H e dois botões Bump. Assim o nosso pequeno robot poderá evitar obstáculos mudando de direcção.

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Radar Simulator

Few days ago I started wondering how could I make a Radar Simulator with Processing.
I have already placed an ultrasound range finder on a servo motor and sent its data into the radar program, one video will be posted soon.

Now I want to have my wireless communication module setup complete and working on a robot, and I can have the sensor data being displayed on a screen as the robots move around the space. This will be a visual reference of the robot perception, it is also a good exercise of physical computing.

This applet simulates the sensor data through the Y mouse coordinate, have fun :]

Easy Arduino Robot Tutorial – Part I


UPDATE: I decided to remove the H-Bridge part, now the motors are directly connected to the AA batteries, and the Arduino is connected to the 9V battery. This little bot will move only forward.

In Part II, I will add an H-Bridge and two SPDT Bump Switches. The robot will move in both directions and avoid obstacles.


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