BFB3000 meets “mancave solutions”

ABS warping and PLA broken filaments is a very well known issue in the 3d print world! At Artica we have our good old BFB3000 and we solved this problems using what I have later proudly called “mancave solutions”!! :D

Here I am using a heater pointed to the printer, this keeps the object and the platform quite warmy! and it works flawleslly! Besides it keeps the room quite warm wich feels good under the winter.. summer will be much hotter I suppose!!
ManCave Solutions for BFB3000

PLA filament lose elastic properties through the time and on the BFB3000 it simply snaps inside the rubber tubes.. I created a roof on the top of the printer as you can see, the filament enters the print head without any stress and no more snaps!
ManCave Solutions for BFB3000

ManCave Solutions for BFB3000

And the result is awesome!!
3D printed bevel gears

Servo Motor Hack @ AltLab

Here’s another way to hack a servo motor. This time Njay shows us how to do it, and it is quite easy. The code to use is the same for a normal servo, when you point it to the center (90 degrees) it will stop, than if you increment the angle it will start moving on way, if you decrement the angle it will move the other way.

(the video is in portuguese)