motoruino in action

The motoruino is so easy to setup, just plug the motors, sensors, upload code and your bot is ready to go.

I added a big capacitor (4700uF) on the PCB power connections as I had the Motoruino resetting randomly when a motor started (OddBot explains everything here)

This is a quick test drive with the demannu (unnamed bot).

source code

5 thoughts on “motoruino in action”

  1. I’m an engineering student and am working on a project that required the use of the guibot board how can i get one with an SFR05 sensor, and at which cost because I’m recietting in GHANA also how long will it take for me to get it.

  2. Hi! The code for an SFR05 can be found on a simple “arduino srf05” google search. You should contact a reseller or distributor to know costs and shipping details.
    Good luck!

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