demannu, the unnamed robot (update)

Two more infrared sensors were added on the front, this way he’s more sensitive to the environment. Video is on the go..

You can see more details about the construction process on this post.

Updated version here.

source code

4 thoughts on “demannu, the unnamed robot (update)”

  1. Pretty cool!

    Even if I don’t know how fast this thing moves, or how fast that servo moves, couldn’t you do almost the same using that servo mounted one?

  2. Hi Pedro :)
    do you mean I could use only the sensor that is on the servo? yes I could, the thing is if the bot is looking to one side and there’s an obstacle on the other side he will hit the obstacle, wait a bit until you see the video.

  3. Damn that’s beautifull…

    Just a question, all the ingredients for your “friend” have to be bought on-line, right? Here in Portugal (North) there are no “real store”. Or are there?

    P.s. Love watching your robot move… you made him “to safe”. Don’t you think he could go a bit closer to the obstacle before moving (or I’m I talking sh*t and it’s a pain in the *ss to do that? ).

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