PAPERduino’s design

This is a fully functional version of the Arduino. We eliminated the PCB and use paper and cardboard as support and the result is.. the PAPERduino :D

This is the the first version of the layout design, next we will try more designs, and another materials. You just need to print the top and the bottom layout, and glue them to any kind of support you want. We hope that you start making your own boards. If you do, please share your photos with us, we would love to see them  ;)

There is no USB direct connection, so to program the paperduino you will need some kind of FTDI cable or adapter. One of this products will be fine:
FTDI cable from Adafruit Industries
FTDI adapter from Sparkfun

Download PDF

Components list:
1 x 7805 Voltage regulator
2 x LEDs (different colors)
2 x 560 Ohm resistors (between 220oHm and 1K)
1 x 10k Ohm resistor
2 x 100 uF capacitors
1x 16 MHz clock crystal
2 x 22 pF capacitors
1 x 0.01 uF capacitor
1 x button
1 x Atmel ATMega168
1 x socket 28 pin
Female and Male headers

Use a needle to puncture the holes for your components.

Don’t rush, place one component after another and do all the solder work carefully.

Follow the connection lines.

And this should be the final look of your paperduino connections.

PAPERduino for ALL…… (with 2 stars)

and more..

66 thoughts on “PAPERduino’s design”

  1. My questoin is: Can I use Atmega168 P-PU instead your Atmega328 in Paperduino circuit? Are this uPs fully compattible?
    Please reply to my mail.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi yes, the Atmega168 is fully compatible, you will need to flash the Arduino Bootloader though.
    Good Luck ;)

  3. Olá
    Boa tarde
    Será possível arranjar o esquema para o Picaxe 18M2
    Tem tambem o ic 12f1840, e não tem cristal

  4. This is a simple yet brilliant concept. This is an inexpensive way to bring electronics to schools and low socioeconomic groups.
    There is no limit to the circuit designs you can make this way.

    Well done!

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