Merv stands for Mini E-Revo, and this is my latest acquisition which turned out to become a hobby! Also it gives me what I eventually call “mechanics sensibility”, and due to the high level maintenance it requires, I am becoming a better maker and designer, as if I wouldn’t say so to myself!!
This car design and engineering is so top level and is like an open book, one can learn a lot just from looking it.

Of course the best part is when the car is able to be driven!

Tankah – remote controlled tank

Since I’ve started messing with robotics that I wanted to build a tank, and finally that moment arrived when two Tamiya thread kits and a Twin Motor Gearbox arrived.

Everything started with a sketch:

And as soon as I decided what I wanted, the assemble process has begun.
I have some plastic sheets laying around and I thought they would be perfect to hold all the hardware.

The chassis:

Meanwhile the replacement motors from Pololu arrived and I soldered the caps to remove motor noise.
The ones that came with the twin gear box are very noisy (electrically speaking)

This is the design in an almost final phase:

Later I replaced the plastic things for wood, and I used polymorph for the first time, it´s the best material I have seen in the last decades.

The brains (Xbee, Arduino and my custom motor driver with L293D):

When all the things got in place it was time for a test drive through some obstacles..
I figured that it needs some kind of stabilizer.. otherwise it won´t climb more difficult obstacles, OR it may flip around… (I think i´m just having an idea for another bot)

and… this was the solution I came up with  :D

I placed an “arm” on the back, it stops the tank from flipping over when its climbing stuff.

It works like a charm  :-)

It´s a lot of fun to drive this thing!! :-)   still editing the video…