motoruino in action

The motoruino is so easy to setup, just plug the motors, sensors, upload code and your bot is ready to go.

I added a big capacitor (4700uF) on the PCB power connections as I had the Motoruino resetting randomly when a motor started (OddBot explains everything here)

This is a quick test drive with the demannu (unnamed bot).

source code

demannu, the unnamed robot

It’s been quite a while without building robots… errr.. creatures..

anyhow I’m releasing this new creature, wich is still a work in progress..  and since I can’t think on a name for it, I will call it demannU, witch is “unnamed” backwards… sounds like ‘demon’,  and for the sake of insanity, it looks like a little demon..

the wheels where designed by Catarina Mota, and if you go to thingiverse, you can download the source code, and print your own wheels if you have access to a 3D printer

pololu mini gears, i strongly advice this motors, very powerfull and fast

this bits will be the motors supports

and after some dremel work they look nice and ready to hold the motors

the chassis, this time I wanted to try wood, it’s quite good to work and to do fast prototyping

et voilá

It isn’t finished yet, but I wanted to share with you  :)   will add more sensors and more cool stuff as soon as I have time

updated version here: