Portuguese Makers Hangout #5

“The purpose of these Hangouts is to gather the Portuguese Makers and get the world to know about their talents and their projects. We’ll use them to share experiences and create contents around the best of the DIY/Making scene in our country.

We’ll invite 3 participants for each hangout and their goal is to show us one of their creations, talk about the problems and challenges they had while building them and their lessons learned. A live demo will be provided.

Anything that mixes creativity and art with technology counts. A robot, a quadcopter, a cool gadget, a 3D printer, a new technique or material, anything that comes out of the inventor’s obsession to create things will do.

These hangouts will be recorded, saved, and made available on as many channels as possible. Currently we’re aiming to do an Hangout every month, but this might change (for the best).”

I was invited to participate on the 5th Portuguese Makers hangout, together with Ferdinand Meier and Rui Marcelino, what a great time we had, despite of my internet connection broke while I was talking abour Artica’s projects, but anyway, I had a great time!  Thank you Celso for the invitation!!!  ;)

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