Robots & Avatars

We had the opportunity to participate at the Robots & Avatars exhibition that took place in Kibla, a multidisciplinary center. It was almost a 24 hours trip, but we finally get there.


The Robots & Avatars exhibition is a great initiative create by the people at Body>Data>Space, they are very into robotics, human-machine-interaction, telepresence and virtual worlds, take a time to visit their website.

We took with us three magabots, one of them was running NAVI (a cool project that I will speak on a later post). The other two were running telepresence with Skype, plenty of people had the opportunity to remotely visit the exhibiton.


This kid was controlling Magabot with an Android phone running Skype.


The exhibition had great robotic installations, debates, workshops and even artistic performances, I will leave you with some photos, apologize not having pictures of every installation.


ROBOVOX was a SMS to VERY LOUD speech robot, by Martin Bricelj Baraga (SI)


The craziest Delta Robot ever, by Ruari Glynn (UK).


ZOE, roaming creatures, by Niki Passath (AT).


Blind Robot, this two arms where really alive, they touched your face very smoothly while simultaneously creating an abstract image and sound during the “recognition” process, by Louis Phillipe Demers / Processing Plant (CA/DE).


Funny little creatures created in a workshop for children, by Mia Lean Kronemann (DE).



Very inspiring debates around subjects like artificial intelligence, virtual worlds, intelligent robots, and human machine interaction, moderated by Ghislaine Boddington.


Visit to The Cultural Center of European Space Technologies, at Vitanje.


Riding with style!! :D

It was a great honor for us to participate in this great event, we came back to Portugal very inspired to create better and friendlier robots!!

A great thanks to everyone at Kibla and Body>Data>Space!!!

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