Talkie Walkie and made a challenge to build a robot only with one servo, and this was what I came up with.

I used the sound sensor I’ve done a few days ago and a little paper-boat + a servo and a box and this is the result :)

This how the puppet works:

A hole was digger on a card box, and the micro servo is glued to the box as you can see.
One piece of paper is glued to the servo horn, and this will make the puppet talk movement.
Another piece of paper is glued to the box and it will be fixed and hold the puppet.

This is how the puppet is glued to the paper supports.   ;)

9 thoughts on “Talkie Walkie”

  1. hello Riaz!! Your robot is so cool :)
    And I also like your blog theme a lot.. lol

    Can you tell me how did you manage to put an image on the header? I’ve been trying with no luck.. :-)

  2. Oh yeah… It was pretty easy.

    In the wordpress (2.7) go to admin > appearance > editor > header.php

    and then in the header you can add your logo and delete the name of the site

    <a href=”/”><!– –>

    hope this helps.

  3. I truly love your little robot. Any chance of you posing a schematic and more detailed build instructions.
    This is a little advanced for me but it is definitely something that would increase my knowledge while I tried.
    I am going to start following your site. Thanks,!

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